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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 12, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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well, new this morning police are investigating after two women were shot sitting in the pickup truck, we will tell what you police know, so far as they search for a killer. also, the search continues for four missing men, place where investigators are focusing their efforts. hundreds of workers, walk off the job at philadelphia international airport, we will tell what you they are demanding. well to day is wednesday, july m jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this wednesday morning. >> happy wednesday, in the world of travel is there nothing to talk about other than construction. >> yes. >> i mean, yes. >> knock on jim's head.
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>> yes, you know. >> yes. >> that could be interesting. >> yes. >> well, you know to day is one of those days that heavy duty gel is probably required. >> yep. >> keeping your hair style looking nice at all because it is so steamy outside and staying that way all day, really hot day coming up, lower 90's with no problem and it will feel closer to the century mark then anything. really steamy conditions and at the moment storm scan is generally quiet, that too is something that will change with time. it feels like we're honorary pete with minor changes with every passing day here but the moment again storm scan is quiet even though we had a few sprinkles in the last few hours but later today and toward evening showers and storms will reignite. we are thinking most best, knows prone best chance for the area to see any storms would be philadelphia on north but anyone is fair game
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because that is zone at the moment that will get hit. seventy-nine is current value at the airport really warm start to the day. sun will be coming up in a half an hour so we only have a degree or two left that will drop off on that term ter before we begin that rebound all over again. here's what it feels like, technically is in the upper 70 's but feels still like 80's at the airport when you factor in that mugginess. as we look forward another hot one, feeling like 100 degrees for some this afternoon but tomorrow is even worse, i'll let you know about that later in the show but we are still stuck in this unsettled pattern. is there an end in sight too for that and i'll let you know when as well. >> we will need some relief, all right, katie, thanks very much. very good morning to you. happy hump day looking outside , right now at the vine pushing in the west and eastbound direction we are opened. we were closed between schuylkill and broad but west and eastbound looking good eastbound side a little busy, really busy, yesterday.
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disabled vehicle here will in the slow you down, north bound side of i-95 at girard moving in the north bound direction, southbound side maybe picking up ever so slightly but this is usually when we start to see a change from the 4:00 o'clock hour. schuylkill at montgomery this is what we are looking at here beautiful sky there, we have included there but man is that gorgeous. schuylkill at montgomery still looking okay, we are pushing out a little deeper in the 5:00 o'clock hour. we have construction on the walt whitman bridge eastbound two lanes are blocked there, and nice, green, showing up here on our map letting us know we are traveling at posted speeds but this area will start to change. then we are looking at two places of construction on i95, big thumbs up because we are all cleared more to come when we come back in the next 10 minutes, rahel, back to you. new this morning police in north philadelphia are looking for shooters after two women are killed sitting inside a pickup truck. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live with
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details on the shooting and the investigation, good morning, jan. >> reporter: jim and rahel, good morning police have only identified victims here as a 28 year-old woman a 19 year-old woman both shot and killed as they sat inside a vehicle in the fair hill section of the city. you can see what the scene looked like overnight as police investigated there this was the scene gunfire erupted here on the 3,000 block of north lawrence street just after midnight when police, medics arrived they discovered that red pickup truck there parked, still running, inside, 28 year-old shot dead in the driver's seat. nineteen year-old shot dead in the passenger seat. they were both shot in the head and body. at this point it appears that the shooter or shooters fired in the passenger side of the truck striking the victim? police are interviewing eyewitnesses as they try to determine the exact number of the shooters, and attempt to track down those suspects. >> some witnesses say, both shooters were in the vehicle
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when they fired shots so possibly a drive by, they were last seen in the vehicle, it was going south, on the 3,000 block of lawrence street. >> at this point police don't have a good description of the fleeing vehicle they also don't know motive for this shooting, they are tracking down surveillance video and interviewing eyewitnesses. anyone with any information is asked to call police. reporting live outside police headquarters, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back inside to you. meanwhile authorities continue to scour 90-acre property in bucks county for that evidence could lead to four missing men who vanished last week. >> that property belongs to the family of the man police are calling a person of interest. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live in solebury township with the very latest, you have been following all week long, what can you tell us, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. that person of the interest is 20 year-old cosmo dinardo
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arrested on monday on unrelated weapons charges but was released on bail last night after his family bailed him out of jail. meanwhile authorities have continued to search family's farm just down the road from here for second full day on tuesday, take a look at this video of the scene from chopper three, dozens of local , state, federal investigators spent another day combing through 90-acre farm in solebury owned by cosmo dinardo's family. police are investigating whether the 20 year-old is connected to the disappearance of four area men all around the same men. jimmy patrick went missing on wednesday and dean finocchiaro and tom meo and mark sturgis have not been seen since friday. matt wine taubb maintains that the extensive search under tents and heavy construction equipment has not yielded any human remains and still hopeful that the men will be found alive. he vaguely addressed why the focus is on dinardo. >> there are some very obvious links. i have to let you draw your
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own conclusions. you know his parents own the property. there is information i'm privy too that i cannot share with you. i want to be very careful to stress that he is a person of interest, he has not been charged or arrested with respect to any of the missing four young men at this time. >> reporter: last night we did reach out to the attorney for dinardo, thomas parlow and confirmed he is still representing him, and meanwhile we have also learned from sources that the family has reached out to fortune perry. but for now we are live from solebury township i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". rahel and jim, back to you. well, authorities continue to search for missing men in bucks county we now have more information on the man police named a person of interest. police are calling cosmo dinardo their only person of interest in the case. dinardo was released on 10 percent of one million-dollar bail, he was held on firearms charge unrelated to the case.
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dinardo's friend who asked to remain anonymous say i will tell you he was normal up until last year in the quad accident and hit his head and strappedded for a day or so with the brain blued bleed and had frontal lobe damage. "eyewitness news" also talked to the friend of the missing men. >> we know dean, we don't know who was involve. >> it is really shocking, i grew up with the kid, he lived right in my neighborhood. it is crazy. >> that is another thing that doesn't make any sense, we don't necessity any of the other guys, dean hung out with kind of guys. >> we know dinardo did not return to his bensalem home, after he was released. in other news, hundreds of the airport workers in philadelphia international airport will be going on strike today. airport workers at newark international walk off the job last night and workers at jfk and laguardia are also striking. workers at philadelphia international airport will begin their strike at 11:30. they say a subcontractor for several airlines is refusing to bargain with them, despite a worker's vote to unionize.
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it is in the clear how the strike will affect air travel. eighteen members of the now defunct penn state fraternity are expected back in court in august after death of death of timothy pea as a preliminary hearings continued north of state college. judge was expected to decide if there is enough evidence to go to trial but now the hearing will continue next month. pea as's parents were in the courtroom all day they only stepped out when lawyers played a video showing 19 year-old's final moments in the frat house. >> they will sleep until justice is done for their son f that means coming to one trial or 18 trials, they are going to do it. investigators say piazza died after a night of heavy drinking. eighteen ex-frat members are facing charges ranging from involuntary man slaught tore reckless endangerment. happening today former port authority official involve in the so-called bridge gate scandal facing sentencing. david wildstein cooperated looking in the closing of
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lanes on the george washington bridge in 2013, prosecutors say that the closures were political pay back for mayor of the fort lee, new jersey who refused to endorse governor chris christie for re election. wildstein faces 27 months in jail but could be sentenced to probation. this morning donald trump junior is defending a meeting he had with the russian lawyer >> how he characterized the meeting during a interview with "fox news" sean handty. crews are still looking for victims in the remain of greenfel tower and we will tell you how much longer they expect that search to
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overseas now investigators say search for victim of the deadly high rise fire could take four months to complete. recovery process at the tower involved authorities climbing only staircase in the 24 story building to access each and every apartment. crews will then sift through debris, last week authorities confirmed that all visible remains have been recovered but even that process was low due to safety concerns inside the building. >> it is very difficult, one of the worse things we have dealt with and i have been doing for 18 years. i have done many searches. and i have never come across harder, like emotionally and physically, and challenging,
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too. >> in total 80 people died in the fire last movement so far they have only identified 32, with positive identification. >> so sad. donald trump junior is defending his meeting with russian lawyer after releasing a string of highly controversial e-mails. the president's oldest son sat down with sean handty on "fox news" last night and told hoe that his meeting with the russian lawyer last year was quote a wasted 20 minutes. trump junior tweeted an e-mail thread with music publicist rob goldstone yesterday, and showed goldstone facilitating a meeting between the lawyer and trump junior. this is before the russian mania. this was opposition research. >> most problematic thing i have seen thus far. >> thinks moving in perjury, false statements and even in potentially treason. >> cbs news has confirmed that special counsel robert muhler is looking into the meeting and e-mails as part of the overall russia investigation. meantime president trump's
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pick for fbi director is set for confirmation hearing today , christopher wray will testify before members of the senate judiciary committee and they are expect to go field him questions about the russia investigation and how wow handle working with the current administration. the hearing will likely bring former director james comey firing back into the spotlight well, time is 5:15. katie has another check of the forecast. >> i know you say it all the time, muggy, steamy but when you walk out you can feel how moist it is in the air. you don't even have to feel it >> yes, proverbial soup. >> yes. >> yes. >> no soup for you. >> do we want the soup today. >> seinfeld republicanses all day now. >> i'm digging it. >> we have to deal with the sultry conditions that high humidity that is a theme not just today, but through tonight, and through all of tomorrow and then finally we will start to see at lee some
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relief but not like we will get refreshing air mass to take the place of this but it will ease up. we will get you through it and start off with storm scan three at the moment doesn't after lieutenant to report locally but we have showers at that wider zoom as we lot severe weather threat for today, much like yesterday we will fall in the marginal risk for severe storms. last night toward jersey shoreline we will end up with heavy thunderstorms and we will have that popping up throughout the second half of the day toward evening but i think that it is mainly northern half of the area. granted could creep down in delaware, new jersey but northern half of the area that will see bulk of activity. even then it is scattered but we will have thunderstorms that ignite, bring heavy downpours, possibility of strong wind, maybe even some small sized hail. it will be something to watch out for sure. here's dew point, yuck, so uncomfortable for poor folks of dover where you end up having that warmest die point. so very moisture laden air
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mass. seventy in philadelphia in short just remember when talk dew point lower the drew point dryer the air. in the 70's, it is really steamy. ways to beat heat, common sense, just keep it in the back of your head and make sure you follow it but just because we have to tell this to you make sure that you remember lots of water, void that strenuous activity, now a great time to get out take your morning jog if you want that outdoor plans in. do it before 10:00 a.m. and that sun gets at its peak but if you are in the sunlight make sure you take frequent breaks today, high of 92, late day sure or thunderstorm will ignite to cool off a couple communities but could be dicey , be careful, heavy thunderstorm in the evening and then we will clear it out overnight, similar stereo to yesterday. tomorrow though meisha is hottest, i have since upped expectation and we're shooting for 97. that is bad enough. it will feel like 105 with the competitive heat watch in effect.
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>> that is just dangerous, all right, thank you very much. good morning to all of you, so , bring those waters with you in your vehicles, i would, i'll have my hot coffee too but water there as well. forty-two freeway north bound approaching 295, i would say levels are picking up, you can see traveling northbound this is a little bit busier then what we see at this exact same time, an indication for those jumping on 42 give yourself a couple extra minutes there. ninety-five south at cottman coming around s curve and through center city we will work with their. no real brake lights just yet but because we are starting to see levels build anywhere we look you can expect to start to do so pushing deeper in the 5:00 and then dip into the 6:00 o'clock hour. boulevard near schuylkill looking good, clear. headlights moving in the southbound direction. yesterday we were talking about this construction project in delaware, so, not so much right now but talk lane shift in delaware should be gone around 6:00 a.m. anything remaining out there,
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295 southbound past delaware memorial bridge. yesterday, that caused so much problems for so many of you, right now however little bit different story and better. construction crews walt whitman bridge eastbound two lanes compromised. and we are traveling around at posted speeds, rahel and jim, back over to you. meisha, thank you. for a look at newspaper headlines across the region. >> burlington county times new jersey governor chris christie says he does not have authority to pay state authorities for anytime they lost due to the state's three day shut down. christie is urging state assembly to pass a supplemental bill that will pay furloughed workers during first three days of that shut down retroactively. in the intelligencer central bucks three high schools air monk top in pennsylvania for stem education. that ace cording to the study release by central bucks east was ninth and south 17th and c.b. west
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18th among allstate high schools. >> good for them. from the spirit of the delaware county, penndot has design and, security features of pennsylvania drivers, licenses and identification card. all drivers and photo centers will transition to the new products by end of october and phased in over next four years renewal cycle. >> that is some newspaper headlines around the delaware valley. all-star game goes 10 innings before the american league prevails over the national league. >> we will have big moments from last night's game coming up in sports.
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welcome back to cbs-3 "eyewitness news" morning. >> pat gallen joining us talking sports and there was a picture taking on the field yesterday. >> something i have never seen before and i'm not ensure fit is legal in the game of baseball but annual midsummer classic. baseball's all-star game in the books with great moments and late inning heroics, phillies side arming reliever pat neshack tossed a scoreless inning on the nice catch by bryce harper. look at that flowing hair. that is nice, right. good hair. in the sixth, seattle's nelson cruz asked yadier molina to snap a picture of cruz and umpire joe west, they called their 5,000th game. the winning run was this, a solo home run by robinson cano and al wins two-one in extras after 88 all-star games, it is all even at 43-43 and two ties flyers full squad training
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camp is still more than a month away but orange and black took care of more business, they signed scott laughton to a two year contract extension. twenty-three year-old former first round pick is expected to compete for a spot on one of the flyers lower lines for this season. flyers also wrapped up their developmental camp at skate zone in voorhees yesterday with a day devoted to a three on three round robin tournament, lot of young talent trying to make an impression, coach dave hakstol likes the way it is going. >> you can see the growth in the young guys both physically , mentally, on and off the ice, and obviously it is a real good way to be able to get to know some of the young guys that are here for their first year. to the las vegas summer league where sixers first round pick markelle fultz out with the ankle judge but jason tatum number three pick did play, he has got some moves. check these out, all of those moves and jumper is good, he
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had 15 points and six rebound, celtics win 88-83. sixers will take on lonzo ball and los angeles lakers tonight at 10:30. coming up on friday, cbs-3 summer fest hits another town in the delaware valley, this week we are live from phoenixville, the schuylkill river trail, has been a major addition to so many communities in our area, and phoenixville is loving it as well. join me as i hit the trail and discover the many benefits of it, and that is friday right here on cbs-3. i ran a little bit. that was more for camera. but still very beautiful place to do it. >> yes. >> that is where kate bilo's from. >> yep, absolutely. >> thanks, pat. former republican congressman joe scarbureau had tough word for g.o.p. and he shared them on his morning show on ms nbc. >> he is following up with action, the announcement he made on the late show with stephen colbert. takata expanding his recall to include another
5:27 am
2 million cars we will tell you models affected coming up, katie. well, guys, do i come bearing better weather news on the weekend if the heat and humidity are not your thing and we are expecting skies to clear out nicely through saturday nothing but sunshine on sunday and seasonal warmth. you expect it to be warm in july not quite where we will find today and tomorrow but we are back to the upper 80's by saturday and sunday. stay there we have heat to talk about and more stormy weather un
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good morning i'm rahel solomon. aim jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in a moment but here's what we need to necessity to start our day in our morning minute, wednesday, july 12th. >> thought to be a drive by. >> two women found dead overnight in the pickup truck in north philadelphia. >> police have only identified the victim is here as a 28 year-old woman and 19 year-old woman. everyone is talking about this. >> the search for four missing men, not letting up in bucks county. >> authorities have been painstakingly searching this family farm just down the road from here. got a flight to catch? be


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